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 HTML2HHP (HTML to HTMLhelp-Project)

This is one for multimedia- and software authors:
If you plan to distribute your documents in Microsoft's HTMLhelp format but can't afford an expensive development tool, or you simply can't find out how to use the HTML Help Workshop, HTML2HHP is for you!
Instead of manually creating a complicated project file for the HTMLhelp compiler you simply drag & drop your "index.html" on HTML2HHP. The tool recursively collects all files in your project folder and creates a basic, yet working project file you can instantly compile.

News and features:

New in v2.2 (May 13 2002):
 ·  Minor Bugfix
New in v2.1 (Oct. 30 2001):
 ·  Enable HTMLhelp viewer's 'Table of Contents'
 ·  Compile CHM files directly from HTML2HHP
 ·  Many enhancements to the interface
 ·  Completely new help file

Note: This "Personal Edition" is free for private, non-commercial use; you are not allowed to re-/distribute or bundle CHM-files that were created with the help of HTML2HHP in any other way than for free. This release is limited to 20 topics (HTML files).


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